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Are you hoping to find a great place to get tires for your Acura vehicle? If so, you will find all of the expertise and workmanship you need at your local Corte Madera Acura dealership. Not only is this a full-service dealership that offers a great selection of brand new Acura vehicles and pre-owned options, but we also offer a full-service maintenance department. From the very moment that you start working with us at Marin Acura, you will quickly see that we will offer you the best pricing on new tires, including mounting and balancing. If you have questions, our expert maintenance staff will be happy to go over all of your tire education concerns.


About Tire Wear

While you are behind the wheel of your Acura vehicle, you need to be able to maneuver easily, which calls for well-maintained tires. When you want to make sure that your Acura car is safe on the roads at all times, you need to also be able to monitor your tires to check on the tread level as well as the air pressure. Tire tread is something that can be easily measured by bringing your vehicle into our service department where one of our technicians will be able to get a closer look with a tire tread gauge. In terms of the air pressure, you always need to have the right amount of air in your tires according to the manufacturer’s suggestion in your owner’s manual. Failure to do so can lead to accelerated wear and break down of your tires, causing you to lose traction while you are on the roads or even run the risk of dealing with a dangerous blowout.


Tire Buying

Experts in the industry will tell you that your vehicle should always have the tires replaced about every 40,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first. To help prolong the life of the tires on your Acura car, you can bring it in to our dealership so that the service team can inspect the tires, rotate them, and make sure that every aspect is in great condition. When you find yourself in the market for new tires, we will also be happy to discuss which tires will go best with your vehicle and your budget. Our team here at Marin Acura would also like to remind you that only replacing one tire can lead to a mismatched set, which can cause safety issues or even make it so that your vehicle rides unevenly. It is always best to think about buying either a matching pair of tires or a complete set in order to fully maximize your performance and safety.


Instead of driving for one more minute on those old tires, call our service department today at Marin Acura or stop by to set up an appointment at our dealership located at 5860 Paradise Drive in Corte Madera. For a brand new Acura or to inquire about pricing, call our sales team soon.