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Marin Acura Service Department - Rental Vehicles


For your convenience Acura Rental vehicles are available on-site while your Acura is being serviced for a minimal fee. 

Advanced reservations is required.  


Rental Vehicle Policy & Requirement

  • Driver must be 21 years of age.
  • Driver must provide us with a current driver's license. 
  • Driver must provide us with current proof of auto insurance. 
  • Driver must provide a major credit card for a $250.00 credit card authorization. 
  • Driver's insurance is primary for any damages or tickets. 
  • Driver is responsible for any tickets/citations (moving violations or parking) or tolls and authorizes Marin Acura to charge their credit card for any such charges incurred during his/her possession of the vehicle.  A $25.00 processing fee will be added in addition to the cost of the ticket/citation and/or toll.  
  • Smoking and Pets are prohibited in vehicle. 
  • Signs of smoke or pet dander will lead to a $200.00 cleaning fee. 
  • Fuel Consumption - Rental units returned with less than the recorded fuel level at the time of check out will incur a $.30 (thirty cents) per mile driven fuel fee. 
  • Due Date & Time - Rental vehicle is due back once notified your vehicle repairs have been completed.  A $50.00, per day, rental fee will apply if the rental unit is kept beyond the end of the business day you are notified.  



For complete details contact Marin Acura Service Department.